Harilla Landing Yacht Club

Officially opens May 1, 2016
Officially closes October 15, 2016
Officially shuts down November 15, 2016

3 TV's were put in our dumpsters. Our Surveillance system will identify the people putting it in. Fines will be assessed by Harilla. Any fines assessed from the Casalle will be passed on. These fine can be as much as $ 5,000 or $10,000.

Harilla, which is located on Lake Winnipesaukee at 484 Long Island Road in Moultonboro, NH, provides docking, valet and maintenance services for its members.

* This is the official Harilla website which is hosted by the HLYC Board of Directors. The HLYC e-mail address is "hlyc@harilla.org". No other websites represent Harilla Landing Yacht Club.

We have a TRADING POST available for HLYC members to buy or sell boats, motors, lake stuff, or whatever. We can accommodate up to two photos per ad. Please email your ads to HLYC board-of-directors member Paul Amer who is coordinating website content. His email is amer@udel.edu.